Star Feat, by Sarah Brinks

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  1. alex says:

    I really enjoyed Into Darkness — maybe not as much as the previous iteration, but it was the perfect popcorn movie. I think Abrams et al. handled the reboot well with Star Trek, but I feel like some of the changes they made this time around could either tickle the fanboy/girls’ nostalgia centers or serve as absolute blasphemy. I enjoyed many of the callbacks, but some of the references to the original series kind of dulled the emotional impact of certain moments (if you’ve seen the movie, you probably know the exact moment I’m referring to).

    I agree with your take on 3D — the best part of the 3D experience for me was getting to see the Man of Steel trailer in 3D. Aside from a few early moments, the use of 3D in Star Trek is not really noticeable. It’s not jarringly bad like Clash of the Titans, but it doesn’t create an immersive experience like Avatar.

  2. Sarah Brinks says:

    I do know the moment you are talking about and I completely agree. There were also a few too many “I’m a doctor not a ***) moments for me, but like I said, I just sort of let it go.

  3. David Brinks says:

    Benedict Cummberbatch. Most. British. Name. EVAR!

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