Stuffed with Fluff, by Tyler Smith

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3 Responses

  1. Woobot says:

    Agreed. I had to see this film for a 3 yr olds b-day party. While I enjoyed the look of the film, hand drawn, and it even had J. Lasseter as exec prod. But there just wasn’t enough story for me. Although Heull Howsner was the voice of the Backsoon… I guess the chalk board imagining of the creature was the best part of the film. WELL GOLY…

  2. Battleship Pretension says:

    Huell Howser’s appearance after the credits was absolutely hilarious to me.

    “Oh my gosh. Am I in a pit? I think I’m in a pit.”

    But, yes, that chalkboard sequence of the Backson was really wonderful. Both because the animation was creative and beautifully conceived, but because the sequence itself was reminiscent of the Heffalumps and Woozles sequence in the original, so it’s sort of nice that kids that see this film will have their own strange fantasy sequence to latch on to.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Troy says:

    Huell Howser as the Backsoon! I heard about Huell through this podcast, then heard James Adomian’s amazing impression on the Comedy Death Ray podcast. So when I heard Huell’s voice after the credits, I could not stop laughing. I’d just watched a nice, gentle Disney film, and was unexpectedly greeted by Jesse Ventura’s side-kick! My Hyena like laughter was made very awkward due to the fact that I live in rural Wisconsin and no one else in the theater had any idea who Huell Howser is, including my wife. So thanks Tyler, for indirectly making me look like a jackass. If you’d never tried your Huell Howser impression on BP, none of this would have happened. (It was all worth it though.)

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