Swamp Things, by Tyler Smith

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3 Responses

  1. Davide Coppola says:

    I love these read review. Great idea. And to have West Anthony doing it is just perfect. I can’t think of anyone better!

    About the film: Yea, all the negative Cannes buzz already made me make up my mind about skipping this one completely and this review just encourages my instincts.

  2. RON says:

    This film seemed to be a terrible waste of very talented people! Sure, everybody played their parts well, but the story was all over the place! The sex scenes were just plain dull and stupid. And as for Nicole peeing on Zac Efron……..did we really need that?
    Very disappointing!

  3. I saw The Paperboy about a month ago. To be perfectly honest, I did find it to be entertaining. Not quite riveting or thrilling, but enjoyable none the less. I see what you’re getting at when you say the characters weren’t very likable.

    For me, there were two characters I became attached to. Nicole Kidman’s and Macy Gray’s. Those two kept the flow of the film going for me, which is why I give is a solid 3 1/2 stars out of give 🙂

    Great review btw! Love your stuff.

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