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The Forgiven: Sins and Virtues, by David Bax

John Michael McDonagh’s The Forgiven (adapted by the director from Lawrence Osborne’s novel) might take the scenic route getting there but it eventually reveals itself to be a film in the grand tradition of the “house in the country” movie....


The 355: Tomorrow Never Ends, by David Bax

Generally, unless it’s from a director with whose work I already have a negative association, I try to enter into every movie with hope and optimism. So, in the opening scene of Simon Kinberg’s The 355, when the movie introduces...


I Do Movies Badly: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life kicks off with a Bible quote from a book that should signal to you that – surprise! – there will be no easy answers. But when it comes to themes like creation, existence, significance, and memory, there...


I Do Movies Badly: Crimson Peak

Past Jim had three main complaints the last time he watched Crimson Peak: everything was too on-the-nose, the scares weren’t scary, and the relationships didn’t work. Current Jim is here to explain why those complaints are stupid and why Crimson Peak is excellent.


Molly’s Game: Middle Position, by David Bax

In the prologue of Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, Molly’s Game, Molly herself (Jessica Chastain) narrates her backstory. It’s filled with information about her impressive past, from her place in the world ranking of competitive skiers to her above average LSAT...

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