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Flee: Scar Tissue, by David Bax

There’s always a tinge of suspicion that bubbles up in me when I sit down to watch a smaller, independent film and am immediately greeted by recognizable names listed as producers. At what point did they come onboard? And to...


Soul: Outtakes, by David Bax

In the movies, all jazz musicians are struggling jazz musicians, nobly suffering the slings and arrows of a cold, modern world while bearing the flame of jazz, keeping alive the last symbol we have left of a past we no...


Over the Moon: Lunar Tunes, by David Bax

Like many animated features aimed at a young audience, Glen Keane and John Kahrs’ Over the Moon is a musical. Thankfully, though, it’s not one comprised of pop songs (or songs trying to be pop songs). With the occasional exception...