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Aline: That’s the Way It Is, by David Bax

Please don’t let yourself get played the way that I did. Don’t be fooled by headlines promising that Valérie Lermercier’s Aline “has to be seen to be believed.” Sure, the one weird thing about it–director/co-writer/star Lermercier plays the title character,...


King Richard: Figurehead, by David Bax

Almost as soon as it started, Reinaldo Marcus Green’s King Richard set off my Bad Movie sensors. Kris Bowers’ score, especially in the early scenes, trades off between plucky strings and bum-bum bass lines in a way that feels so...


Sin: Rocky Road, by David Bax

In ways both good and bad, Andrey Konchalovskiy’s Sin isn’t strictly a biopic of Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo (played here by Alberto Testone). Like most good biographical films, it doesn’t try to cram too much of the man’s life into...


Ammonite: Can You Dig It?, by David Bax

In the opening scene of Francis Lee’s Ammonite, a brief sort of prologue set decades before the main story, we see a complete, fossilized ichthyosaur skeleton being arranged for display in a museum. Empirical though it may be, to contemplate...

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