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Buy Our Book! and Other Stuff You Might Have Missed This Week

Here are the top five things that went down at Battleship Pretension this week: Pre-Order Battleship Pretension’s 101 Best Movies of the 2010s Book Now! Episode 717: Fake Movies Within Movies Scott’s Movie Journal #3 BP Movie Journal 12/17/20 Hunter...


Cinematic Suffering now available!

We’ve all seen terrible movies. Films that are so bad, they actually make us angry. Clumsy writing, stilted acting, and half-hearted visuals all contribute to some of our worst moviegoing experiences. In his new book Cinematic Suffering, Tyler suggests that...


Movietome- Peter Biskind’s Easy Riders, Raging Bulls

Welcome back to Movietome, my long-running, frequently-updated look at the weird, wild, and sometimes libelous world of film industry literature. As promised in my last/first Movietome outing, today we’ll be tackling Peter Biskind’s classic movie brat tell-all Easy Riders, Raging...

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