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I Do Movies Badly: Fright Night

Happy 200th episode to and from I Do Movies Badly! But enough mushy stuff. Let’s talk about the original Fright Night, a film that seems to be find its queer coded vampire character infinitely more fascinating than the other characters but one that also...


Home Video Hovel: The Resurrected, by David Bax

  From the writer of Alien comes an intensely gory telling of an H.P. Lovecraft story filtered through mid-century detective noir. Sounds great, right? It’s really not. Though those noir elements–constant rain, droning voiceover–are charming, the acting is so uniformly bad (and...


Monday Movie: The Sentinel, by David Bax

Every Monday, we’ll recommend a movie–it could be a classic, an overlooked recent treasure, an unfairly maligned personal favorite or whatever the hell we feel like–and we’ll tell you where to find it online. In the age of large televisions...