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After Yang: Future Considerations, by David Bax

Kogonada’s lovely feature debut, Columbus, was far more tender and messy than its imagery would suggest when presented out of context. Blending Midwestern modesty with imposing structures of modernist architecture, publicity stills made it look like something approaching science fiction....


Voyagers: Preprogrammed, by David Bax

Each of the young men and women on board the massive spaceship in Neil Burger’s Voyagers (not counting chaperone/father figure Richard, played by Colin Farrell) has been trained for their crucial mission since birth. Their top flight education is self-evident;...


Rudie’s Top Ten of 2018

10. BlacKkKlansman You hear the words “return to form” a lot with BlacKkKlansman, but Spike Lee has always been making bold and irreverent films during his entire career. However, this latest film gets a boost because of its mainstream success...

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