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Vortex: Anticlimax, by David Bax

Unlike his last feature to be released in the U.S., 2018’s Climax (2019’s Lux Æterna is finally getting its debut here this weekend), which placed them right in the middle of the movie, Gaspar Noé‘s Vortex puts the entirety of...


I Do Movies Badly: Opera

October month wraps up with Opera, the best example of what makes up a Dario Argento film both for good and ill. But mainly ill. Jim’s done with torturing and objectifying women, thanks very much. Happy Halloween everybody! And please get...


Suspiria: We Danced on the Ceiling, by Scott Nye

Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria, a remake of Dario Argento’s landmark 1977 horror film, wastes no time establishing precisely what will make it both similar and distinct from the classic. Like Argento’s, Guadagnino starts his film with ominous music and the sound...


I Do Movies Badly: Dario Argento

Somehow, Jim and James McCormick of That’s Not Current manage to get sidetracked before the discussion on Argento even begins but the two eventually do get around to talking about the legendary giallo filmmaker. The two discuss what typifies giallo,...


Home Video Hovel: Opera, by David Bax

It sometimes seems like there are those who would like to take the whole gorehound segment of horror fandom and cordon them off, dismissing them as only interested in base, cheap thrills. With Opera, Dario Argento of course details spilt blood and sliced...


69. Dario Argento

DARIO ARGENTO SUSPIRIA, OPERA, PHENOMENA Perhaps the most famous of Italian giallo (or pulp horror) directors, Dario Argento has turned images of death and gore into works of art.  Beginning his career as a writer, Argento contributed to the story...

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