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Rohmerathon: Full Moon in Paris, by Scott Nye

After the rigorously-structured Pauline at the Beach, Éric Rohmer could be forgiven for indulging in a breezy film about Parisian night life, which by all appearances seems to describe Full Moon in Paris. Whether one looks at modern, release, or...


Rohmerathon: Pauline at the Beach, by Scott Nye

Rohmer departs from his convention in two significant ways with 1983’s Pauline at the Beach. It is his first film featuring a teenage protagonist, and, not coincidentally, it is his first with a passive one as well. Most films about...


Rohmerathon: A Good Marriage, by Scott Nye

The second in Eric Rohmer’s “cycle” of Comedies and Proverbs, A Good Marriage (1982) begins with the question, “Can any of us refrain from building castles in Spain?” For Sabine (Béatrice Romand), her castle is marriage. Fed up with her...


Rohmerathon: The Aviator’s Wife, by Scott Nye

Oh, what a difference a pen can make… François (Phillipe Marlaud) has several problems before him – he’s working a dull job at night so he can attend a few classes by day, all of which prevents him from seeing...


58. Eric Rohmer

ERIC ROHMER MY NIGHT AT MAUD’S, AUTUMN TALE, CLAIRE’S KNEE, FULL MOON IN PARIS Rohmer was often tagged with accusations that his films weren’t “cinematic” enough, but he simply wasn’t going for the same kind of cinema as his contemporaries....

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