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Arrebato: Try for the Kingdom, by David Bax

Iván Zulueta’s Arrebato, an absolute freak-out masterpiece from 1979 newly restored by Altered Innocence, has had a new logo added to its head, for a distributor called Anus Films with a symbol that riffs on that of Janus Films but...


Mandibles: Flyweight, by David Bax

Quentin Dupieux’s last two films, Deerskin and Keep an Eye Out, represented a newfound level of intellectual effort on his part, a willingness to apply his trademark absurdity to something beyond superficial weirdness while still, of course, leaving some room...


Undine: To Scale, by David Bax

Watching a Christian Petzold film feels a bit like regarding a drop of liquid that’s been trapped between the table and the bottom of an empty glass or wine bottle. It’s vanishingly fragile, formless but bound and, no matter how...