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Episode 844: Movies About Old Hollywood

In this episode, Tyler and David discuss movies about old Hollywood as well as the critical response to the new Indiana Jones movie. Movies about old Hollywood discussed include Babylon and more! Battleship Pretension is a movie discussion podcast started...


Patreon: May 2023 Mailbag

This week on the Patreon, David and Scott Nye open up the May 2023 mailbag. This episode is available to Patreon subscribers only. Tiers start as low as $2 per month. Become a Patron! The May 2023 mailbag includes questions about...


Movie Meltdown: Rocket’s Journey

Movie Meltdown – Rocket’s Journey The Super Series returns with our discussion of James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3… along with many other tangents. And while we realize, we ourselves are crackling with cosmic energy, we also cover… Mrs....