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I Do Movies Badly: House

House is uh…an indescribable film. Avant-garde haunted house horror-comedy, Obayashi’s absurdist answer to Jaws is technically innovative, off the wall ridiculous, and a seeming deconstruction of horror archetypes. Also, boring and exhausting (unless you’re Chuck Stephens).


I Do Movies Badly: Introduction to Racial Reckoning Films (featuring Mark H. Harris)

If you’ve ever been to BlackHorrorMovies.com or watched the fabulous documentary, Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror, then you may recognize my October guest. To help celebrate the Halloween season, Mark H. Harris joins I Do Movies Badly to talk about racial reckoning in horror...


I Do Movies Badly: The Prophecy

The Prophecy has a really cool premise–angels seeking an edge over other angels to win the second war in Heaven!–and some enjoyable campy performances but is a badly disjointed film (whether that’s because of its first-time director or meddling from the...

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