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2012 Nominated Animated Short Films

More than any other Academy category, this is the one that I wish had a more access to a mainstream audience. In a world were you can browse and purchase the “Kristen Stewart Collection” on iTunes, you should be able...


Jack’s Top Ten of 2011

2011 has been unusual because it’s my first year as a film critic thanks to Battleship Pretension, yet I’ve only seen one or two of this year’s big movies. The list of 2011 films I’ve missed includes glaring omissions like...


Scream Queen, by Jack Fleischer

Before it began, I must confess to hearing some of the talk surrounding Miss Bala, a.k.a. Mexico’s Oscar submission for best foreign film. Most of the chatter was about how this film is a brutal exposé on the truth of...



BP blogger Jack Fleischer interviews Panos Cosmatos, director of Beyond the Black Rainbow. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN


Flip a Coin, by Jack Fleischer

50/50 is a gentle touch comedy. It’s not wacky or zany, and while it is heartwarming, it’s not syrupy. This is a comedy that seems pretty firmly tied to reality, and the humor is born out of realistic depictions of...


Holy Man, by Jack Fleischer

Machine Gun Preacher struck me as not particularly compelling in the trailer. White man travels to Africa, realizes things there are bad, feels guilty, and uses his hardscrabble “country” ways to help the locals. But after watching it, I find...