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Let Him Go: Unforgiven, by David Bax

Generally, the “Western” category of movies refers to those that take place in hard-bitten, arid landscapes where the Industrial Age hasn’t quite arrived yet. Thomas Bezucha’s Let Him Go doesn’t meet the temporal requirement, taking place sometime around 1960. But...


Phantom Thread: Man of the Cloth, by David Bax

Project Runway is not just another reality competition show. It’s a dedicated and respectful look at the artistic process and it uses the “reality competition” format to highlight the relationship between personality and creativity. But it’s about fashion, one of...


A Touch of Class, by Tyler Smith

After months of mystery – including a few weeks in which it didn’t even have an official title – Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread finally has a trailer. While we knew a lot of broad facts about the film –...

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