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Movie Recommendation- Amazon Women on the Moon

The sketch-comedy film is a form that hardly exists any more, and never really did. In general, the anthology format has several built-in disadvantages. Framing stories notwithstanding, the lack of narrative throughline can be alienating, viewers forced every 10-15 minutes...


A Peek Behind the Iron Curtain, by Matt Warren

The new Russian pop musical Hipsters is difficult to describe. Colorful and frenetic, it’s a bit like watching a feature-length Fanta (and/or Mentos) ad blown up to 125 extremely presumptuous minutes, full of Skittles-colored cinematography and a chintzy, Casio keyboard-inspired...


A Twisted Turn, by Matt Warren

You know that awkward, shameful feeling you get when your Mormon roommate walks in on you wearing ladies’ underwear and shoving an entire German chocolate cake into your mouth? That mortified feeling that seizes up your throat and sinks all...

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