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I Do Movies Badly: Secrets & Lies

Secrets & Lies wonderfully typifies what Leigh is capable of as a director in both the performances he gets from his actors and how subtlety explores the tension between social classes. It’s just a shame that the film’s mouthpiece also reminds...


I Do Movies Badly: Naked

Mike Leigh’s Naked is led by a phenomenal performance by David Thewlis that takes us inside the world of a self-loathing intellectual who is likely using his brilliance to keep people at an emotional distance as he seeks to embrace a nihilism...


70. Mike Leigh

MIKE LEIGH SECRETS & LIES, NAKED, TOPSY TURVY, LIFE IS SWEET, VERA DRAKE It’s unlikely that you’ll ever find a director more in love with his characters than Mike Leigh.  Unlike other directors, though, his love doesn’t manifest itself through...

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