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Movie Meltdown: It’s Time for a Face Off

This episode we make good on our previous idea/threat to take two actors and switch their roles and essentially their careers. Ridiculousness ensues. And as we have a few surprise surgeries, we also cover… The Meg, Mandy, Witness, Goldie Hawn,...


Movie Meltdown: Demon Lover Diary

This episode we talk with the famous (or infamous) Sam Drog about a lesser-known documentary–Demon Lover Diary. In the wilds of Michigan, three unsuspecting filmmakers get themselves in over their heads as they sign on to help make an independent...


Movie Meltdown: I Am All the Star Wars Fans

When a certain co-host who hadn’t seen The Rise of Skywalker finally sits down and watches it… well, it opens up a whole new can of sandworms. So listen as we dig into J.J. Abrams and Rian Johnson and the...