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FTA: Fun, Travel, Adventure, by David Bax

Right now is probably not the most ideal time to be touting a movie’s new restoration overseen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The scandal over that organization’s lack of diversity is only the latest controversy to plague Francine Parker’s...


I Do Movies Badly: Man with a Movie Camera

With Man With a Movie Camera, Dziga Vertov pioneered many technical camera techniques (double exposure, superimposition, under/overcranking) that filmmakers would utilize regularly for decades to come as well as pioneering the cinéma vérité style. But can we talk about how the guy...


Cunningham: Flat-Footed, by David Bax

Starting off with a bit of disclosure, I was unable to catch a 3D screening of Alla Kovgan’s Cunningham. Not that I’m exactly losing sleep over it. Despite my ongoing resolution not to turn into an old crank, I’ve never...

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