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The Lost Daughter: Solo Trip, by David Bax

Fans of Elena Ferrante’s 2006 novel The Lost Daughter might be disappointed to learn that there are no Italians in Maggie Gyllenhaal’s new film adaptation. But there are Brits, Greeks and at least one Irishman (plus a couple of Americans)...


The Father: What He Has, by David Bax

Much of the music in Florian Zeller’s The Father is diegetic, or at least partially so, the music on the headphones of Anthony (Anthony Hopkins), the patriarch of the title, expanded to fill the movie. All of it is beautiful,...


Jim’s Top Ten of 2018

For a long time my relationship with 2018’s cinematic offerings resembled that of the protagonist of a romantic comedy who fell in love with his best friend: I was always looking for something that would sweep me off my feet...


Rudie’s Top Ten of 2018

10. BlacKkKlansman You hear the words “return to form” a lot with BlacKkKlansman, but Spike Lee has always been making bold and irreverent films during his entire career. However, this latest film gets a boost because of its mainstream success...

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