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Sr.: No More Excuses, by David Bax

“They said they wanted someone hipper but the part ended up going to Robert Downey.” “Junior?” “If it was junior, I would have said junior.” That’s a joke from an episode of Bojack Horseman. Specifically, a season one episode; the...


Licorice Pizza: Tune in and Drift Away, by Scott Nye

Writer/director Paul Thomas Anderson, possibly the best working American filmmaker, has now set two thirds of his films in the past. Like the Coen Brothers, he seems interested in dredging up different eras to explore American identity and how certain...


Phantom Thread: Man of the Cloth, by David Bax

Project Runway is not just another reality competition show. It’s a dedicated and respectful look at the artistic process and it uses the “reality competition” format to highlight the relationship between personality and creativity. But it’s about fashion, one of...


A Touch of Class, by Tyler Smith

After months of mystery – including a few weeks in which it didn’t even have an official title – Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread finally has a trailer. While we knew a lot of broad facts about the film –...


14. Paul Thomas Anderson

PAUL THOMAS ANDERSON THERE WILL BE BLOOD, MAGNOLIA, BOOGIE NIGHTS, PUNCH DRUNK LOVE If you don’t know, you’d better learn. His canon isn’t as extensive as many of his contemporaries, but it’s just as strong, and maybe stronger. Paul Thomas...

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