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The Forgiven: Sins and Virtues, by David Bax

John Michael McDonagh’s The Forgiven (adapted by the director from Lawrence Osborne’s novel) might take the scenic route getting there but it eventually reveals itself to be a film in the grand tradition of the “house in the country” movie....


The White Crow: Wayfarer, by David Bax

Oleg Ivenko is a first-time actor who was cast by director Ralph Fiennes as famed Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev more for his ability to pull off the required dance moves than for his thespian skills. This is all plain...


Go Big or Go Home, by Scott Nye

One of the great struggles of the modern (or post-modern if you like) era has been the desire to make Shakespeare palatable to the masses. For those willing to take the plunge, his stories and characterizations are so rich, so...

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