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Movie Meltdown: What a Day for the Dollman

This episode we head back out into the world as we visit the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention. And after looking at all the toys, we then sit down to discuss the Full Moon Feature Dollman directed by Albert Pyun and starring Tim...


Voyagers: Preprogrammed, by David Bax

Each of the young men and women on board the massive spaceship in Neil Burger’s Voyagers (not counting chaperone/father figure Richard, played by Colin Farrell) has been trained for their crucial mission since birth. Their top flight education is self-evident;...


Movie Meltdown: The Terror Beneath the Sea

This episode we return to our running science fiction series to discuss The Terror Beneath the Sea! A strange Japanese/American co-production from 1966 featuring sea creatures, an evil plot to take over the world… and a young Sonny Chiba! And...