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Aaron’s Top Ten of 2018

It just isn’t fair to pick only 10 films to represent the best of 2018—this is a year that could easily warranted a Top 20. In fact, I could completely rearrange this list, including 10 different titles, and be completely...


Scott’s Top Ten of 2018

2018 was an especially strong year for cinema. I considered many variations of this list, and have viewed many others with which I can find little objection. If that’s not an abundance of riches, well…I’ll settle for it. Honorable mentions...


Shoplifters: Is This Your Family?, by Scott Nye

Hirokazu Koreeda is no stranger to the unconventional family, his recent films having tackled a switched-at-birth tale, sisters striking out on their own, and divorce, but his latest, Palme d’Or winning film puts him in especially unconventional territory. Shoplifters is...