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King Richard: Figurehead, by David Bax

Almost as soon as it started, Reinaldo Marcus Green’s King Richard set off my Bad Movie sensors. Kris Bowers’ score, especially in the early scenes, trades off between plucky strings and bum-bum bass lines in a way that feels so...


Home Video Hovel: Tokyo Olympiad, by David Bax

1964’s Summer Olympics (or the Games of the XVIII Olympiad, officially) were the first to be held in a non-Western country, finally landing in Japan after the country’s two previously scheduled hosting opportunities were canceled due to World War II....


Monday Movie: Visions of Eight, by David Bax

When 1973’s Visions of Eight was conceived and commissioned—even while some of it was being produced—no one could have predicted what the 1972 Munich Olympics would ultimately be best remembered for. Thus, it’s equally understandable and jarring that the terrorist...


I Do Movies Badly: Eight Men Out

Eight Men Out is a pretty faithful and earnest retelling of the 1919 “Black Sox” Scandal…to the film’s detriment. More concerned with compiling a mostly historically accurate checklist of what transpired, perhaps Sayles’ script would have been better served by another...

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