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Vice: Touch Me, I’m Dick, by David Bax

Some of the best elements of Adam McKay’s caustic, righteous, hilarious The Big Short are the digressions and cutaways used to explain complex, esoteric concepts, like Anthony Bourdain using a restaurant’s leftover fish to demonstrate collateralized debt obligation. In his new film,...


Beautiful Boy: The Official Stories, by Jeremy Elder

In the pre-production stage of Beautiful Boy, director Felix Van Groeningen seems to have only settled for the absolute best performers available. In a drama revolving around an emotionally-exhausting father/son relationship, the creative team chose one of America’s strongest fatherly...


Last Flag Flying: Half-Mast, by Jim Rohner

Grief manifests itself in many, often unpredictable, ways. Human beings are complex algorithms, the sum of multiple emotional, social, and psychological factors that can confound even the source when the response to death is anger or numbness or tranquility or...

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