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I Do Movies Badly: The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life kicks off with a Bible quote from a book that should signal to you that – surprise! – there will be no easy answers. But when it comes to themes like creation, existence, significance, and memory, there...


I Do Movies Badly: Badlands

Was Terrence Malick a genius with a clear directorial vision or a newcomer with no clear idea on what he wanted to do? It’s perfectly understandable to derive one or the other – or both – when watching Badlands, the directorial debut...


I Do Movies Badly: Terrence Malick

In this, the longest episode in I Do Movies Badly history, the conversation between Jim and guest Andrew DeSelm emulates the tone of its subject in its meandering, grandiose, and occasionally poignant (purely by accident, of course) nature. If you’re into...


Monday Movie: Badlands, by Sarah Brinks

Every Monday, we’ll discuss a movie–it could be a classic, an unfairly maligned personal favorite or whatever the hell we feel like–and we’ll tell you where to find it online. Terrence Malick’s films are usually hit or miss with me...


Existence and the American Dream: Part 1, by Rudie Obias

Recently, I’ve noticed that Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life was on a number of film critics’ and bloggers’ list of top ten movies of 2011, including mine.  To many, though, this was the most polarizing, “over-hyped” film of 2011. ...

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