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Episode 862: Propaganda

Tyler and David discuss propaganda movies as well as 90s horror movies on the Criterion Channel. Propaganda movies discussed include “Why We Fight” and more. Battleship Pretension is a movie discussion podcast started in 2007 by Tyler Smith and David...


Episode 859: TIFF 2023 Preview

Tyler and David discuss the movies playing at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival in the TIFF 2023 preview as well as the ongoing SAG and WGA strikes. Movies discussed in the TIFF 2023 preview include Jonathan Glazer’s The Zone...


New to Home Video 8/15/23

Check out our reviews of what’s new to home video 8/15/23. “No hay banda!” the master of ceremonies memorably declares in David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. “There is no band!” What he is referring to directly, and Lynch somewhat more obliquely, is that...


Episode 853: What’s on the Agenda?

Tyler and David discuss those who assume critics have an agenda as well as Secret Invasion‘s opening titles. What could possibly be the agenda behind not liking Sound of Freedom? Could it be that the movie sucks? No, there must be...


Episode 844: Movies About Old Hollywood

In this episode, Tyler and David discuss movies about old Hollywood as well as the critical response to the new Indiana Jones movie. Movies about old Hollywood discussed include Babylon and more! Battleship Pretension is a movie discussion podcast started...

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