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Desert One: Accomplishment, by David Bax

In Desert One, acclaimed documentarian Barbara Kopple employs the talents of animator Zartosht Soltani, who has worked with Michael Moore on multiple occasions. Moore tends to use animation to make his simplified arguments digestible but Kopple allows Soltani to shine....


Monday Movie: Catch-22, by David Bax

With the release of Václav Marhoul’s punishing adaptation of Jerzy Kosinski’s The Painted Bird on the horizon, I’ve been thinking of the all too common problem of celebrated novels becoming cinematic misfires. I haven’t read Kosinski’s book so I can’t...


Come and See: 1943, by David Bax

Elem Klimov’s 1985 masterpiece Come and See, a new restoration of which opens Friday at the Laemmle Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, seems to have anticipated a 2010s trend by adopting the very hip 1.37:1 aspect ratio. But being...

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