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Coup de Chance: Write Your Ending, by Scott Nye

Coup de Chance is Woody Allen’s 50th, and potentially final, theatrical film, and one would hardly say his most original. Revisiting themes of luck, misfortune, guilt, and violence, comparisons to Crimes and Misdemeanors, Irrational Man, Match Point, Cassandra’s Dream, and...


Scott’s Movie Journal #1

Not going to be too ambitious with these and promise them once a week – hence the numbering rather than dating – though I’ll sure try. Some will just be slightly-reworked or full-on copy-and-pasted Letterboxd entries, some will be x-clusive...


Wonder Wheel: The Suppliants, by David Bax

There’s an elephant in the room whenever we talk about a Woody Allen movie. But the bright silver lining to the black, awful cloud that’s rolled out recently is the fact that people are finally addressing the elephants in every...


I Stand with Woody Allen, by The Wicked Witch of the West

Much has been made of Woody Allen’s recent statement about Harvey Weinstein. In it, he comments that, while he feels bad for the women that Weinstein harassed, he was genuinely worried about a forthcoming “witch hunt.” I couldn’t agree with...


11. Woody Allen

WOODY ALLEN ANNIE HALL, MANHATTAN, HANNAH AND HER SISTERS, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS Cinema’s resident neurotic comedian, Allen writes films that crackle with his own witty, acerbic dialogue. Allen’s journey from making goofy comedies to tragically hopeful ones is a beautiful...

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