Taking Movies Seriously, by Tyler Smith

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  1. Dan Heaton says:

    Tyler, this was a really interesting post. I think every movie lover (or avid fan of something similar) struggles to find the time to keep up with their pursuit, especially when family, work, and other life elements show up. That’s been really tricky for me and requires a lot of planning to find the time, especially now that I’m doing a blog.

    The other main issue is the claims of being a “fraud” or not taking movies “seriously”. I just can’t understand the idea that some film lovers have to prove that their knowledge is so much better than others. No matter how much you know, there are always going to be sub-genres that you miss. I’ve seen a lot of movies, but I know there is so much that I haven’t seen. I find that exciting, but I know people can dismiss it as being inferior.

    From my perspective, you guys on the podcast seem to have a nice spectrum of movie knowledge to spur cool discussions. The fact that you haven’t seen some movies is just fine. Even podcasters need to have other parts of their life. Just as an example, hearing you guys updating the Cards game scores was fun this week. If you only talked about movies, the show would be too stuffy anyway.

    Sorry about the rambling comment. This post struck a chord with me. Nice job.

  2. Dayne says:

    This is an excellent post.

    Small rant though – those other ppl, the not taking movies seriously enough ppl, are totally full of shit. Why, if it’s clear the Tyler and David, having not watched every minute of everything that has been filmed ever (do those paper things that have drawings that change just slightly with every page that you flip through count? Probably, because you can only have a valuable film knowledge having found and “experienced” every one of those things) are not in fact taking movies seriously, what the fuck is the guy complaining doing not only listening to a podcast when he could clearly be watching movies during the time he “wastes” doing something else, but also spending valuable movie time commenting on how others are not taking movies seriously? Clearly, he needs a new yardstick, because he’s totally failing on his end. I think, given these thoughts, it’s safe to declare that the only “serious” movie viewer would be like the fat guy in Seven and literally watch-movies-himself-to-death. Only that man can be considered a hero for his time because he is not letting anything be put above his love for movies.

    All of that was sarcasm, clearly. The irony of totally dedicating oneself to something like art (read: artifice) is just astounding. Every director wants you to come out of the theater LIVING A DIFFERENT LIFE because of his/her film, not deciding to watch another film because of it. Art is about the human experience, and if you’re putting what is about the human experience before the actual experience itself, there is something wrong with you. Those people have no where to stand in any criticism they offer because their lives are so obviously fundamentally inferior it blows my mind. And I say this as somebody who does watch at least seven movies a week. But I know when to shut the damn tv off.

    Tyler, you absolutely have always been a legitimate critic of film, because of one thing – you love film. That’s all that matters. Once you lose that in the stupid quest to prove how “better” you are than your peers, you are no longer legitimate. There are many people I disagree with critically, but it always comes down to this – we both love movies. That’s beautiful, and makes what you have to say legitimate, even if, god forbid, you’re a Michael Bay fan. It’s the love that’s important and that binds us together as a community, and that’s the grounds we should meet each other on when discussing film, and that’s the grounds you and David due your podcast on. I love this podcast, this is my favorite podcast, and what underscores that is that you guys are not only smart, well-read critics, but that you love films. It’s far more important to me that you do that than that you’ve seen every Bela Tarr movie, though he’s pretty awesome lol.

  3. Dayne says:

    Sorry about my various misspellings there, I was writing from the heart 🙂

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