The Aeronauts: Full of Hot Air, by David Bax

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  1. bob says:

    i knew nothing of the real story before watching this (i didn’t know if it was even based on real people or not). David’s right – the characterizations are so archetypal that it’s hard to engage with the material. The opening, while fun(ish) is forced, with the crowd shouting “a woman doesn’t belong in a balloon”, which tells you what kind of film you’re in for.

    It gave me hope that this was more about stunt-ballooning than weather measurements – like The Great Waldo Pepper, or some such. But no – we’re stuck with the idealistic weatherman from Twister, and a “what’s my secret?” firecracker/manic pixie sidekick.

    In learning more about it – i don’t blame the screenwriter for excising the real guy’s partner and inventing the colorful sidekick – otherwise, it’s a Nova episode, not a movie. But the whole thing just feels like it was made to be shown in an elementary school “women in STEM” presentation

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