The American 50’s: All That Heaven Allows, by Aaron Pinkston

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    As a regular BP reader, I had to speak up and say I *have* seen a Douglas Sirk film (!) and they really should get more recognition. The first one I saw was “Imitation of Life,” and my professor to Media Studies last year showed our class the clip of Cary being presented with the television, with her reflection boxing her in… and again, in another class we talked about these kinds of visual techniques Sirk used which inspired Todd Haynes in “Mildred Pierce” (and “Far from Heaven”). Basically, Sirk and melodrama are just as influential and distinct as any other genres and directors, but “melodrama” has been given a cheesy reputation over the years. Melodrama doesn’t make a movie bad but somehow people (especially younger people..) have started thinking that, which is pretty disappointing.

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