The Best of Ebertfest, by Aaron Pinkston

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  1. Kate Kulzick says:

    Great writeup, Aaron! I had a blast with my limited experience at Ebertfest (I only got to see Take Shelter), but I’ve long wondered why it’s such an undiscovered gem for many, even those in the Champaign-Urbana area. I’m also an alum of UIUC and I only discovered Ebertfest during my senior year, and only then because it was mentioned on Filmspotting.

    You’re absolutely right about the atmosphere, the film selection, and the beautiful Virginia Theatre. Ebertfest has only very rarely had to turn people away over the years who’ve waited in line for rush seating, but there certainly isn’t space for a much larger contingent to make the trek to Champaign to enjoy this festival. That being said, Ebertfest is a fabulous experience and certainly one of the more underrated film fests out there, and one that hopefully more will decide to check out.

  2. Thanks, Kate!

    One other negative of the festival is that they don’t show a lot on film (this year, only TAKE SHELTER was shown on film), though many of the critics and filmmakers present talk about how much they love film. I wish I would have asked someone about why the festival doesn’t show a lot of film — I don’t know if it’s just an availability thing or what.

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