The BP Slasher Commentary

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11 Responses

  1. Steven says:

    Very excited to listen to these. Despite having seen all of them many times, I was surprised to find that I actually only own Psycho although I’m sure I owned the others on VHS back in the day. Looks like I need to make some additions to the old Blu-ray collection.

    • John Shannon says:

      I HIGHLY recommend picking up the SCREAM and HALLOWEEN BluRays. Both are beautifully restored and come with really great documentaries. The SCREAM trilogy is available some places really cheap (I got mine at target for $8) and it is a fantastic transfer.

  2. Jape Man says:

    When will I get it? Ordered over 24 hours ago.

  3. Dave o says:

    Not for purchase on iTunes?

  4. Franco says:

    Anyone else listen to these on the go instead of while the movie plays? My schedule is such that I cannot watch that many movies anymore.

    For those of you that listen in chunks, have you found a way to for your player to “keep the time”? I find that I have to fast forward manually each time I go back to the commentary since I listen to them on my iPhone music player. I take screenshots so I know what minute I’m on but if you all have something that works better, please share.


    • Matthew Worboys says:

      Franco, not sure if this will work, but if you import the files to your iPhone through iTunes, there’s an option under the info tab (Mac: Right click > Get Info > Options Tab) that says “remember playback position”. I’d give that a try. Not sure if it’ll translate to your phone though! Let me know if this work.

  5. Benj says:

    I was about to write a letter, but then thought screw it… What was the thought of including “Child’s Play” versus “A Nightmare on Elm Street?” One was a game changing entry in the slasher genre, and the other was a pretty good killer doll movie. That really feels like an odd man out. Go METS!!

    • Franco says:

      Possibly to keep their Brad Dourif streak going? LOTR, Alien series…

      If so, that’s clever but more of a missed opportunity than anything. So much good stuff to talk about in Nightmare.

  6. Eric says:

    These were a blast! I listened to the lot of them in two days. Would have been just one if I was unemployed. I really wish I was prominent enough to warrant an invite on the Scream commentary. Bill Dwyer was hilarious, but more actual conversation about such a thematically rich and well-crafted horror film (a masterpiece in my opinion) would have been nice.

    Also kinda weird that Child’s Play got more overt love than Psycho. I have to say, while I don’t agree with Matt Champagne in this particular context, I sympathize with his general ambivalence about Hitchcock. There are ridiculously glaring flaws in most of his movies that keep me from really embracing his work the way most film buffs seem to. (The bullshit ending to Vertigo being the most unforgivable.)

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