The Cast of Cthulhu: Apostle

Episode 68 – Apostle

Have you ever wondered why we take seriously people who believe in ghosts but think believers in UFOs are nuts? Did you watch and have opinions on AEW’s Revolution? If you’ve answered “no” to either of these questions, better skip ahead to 18:24.

No use beating around the bush: Gareth Evans’s Apostle is not Lovecraftian in the slightest. However, the very thing that makes Thomas Richardson (Dan Stevens) the opposite of a Lovecraftian protagonist — an unbeliever who journeys into belief — is also what makes Apostle so engaging. More pagan than cosmic, Apostle explores the idea that there is something beyond humans, but it’s humans that have tainted it. Tense, scary, and beautifully shot, it makes us eager for whatever films Evans does next.

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    You guys still post podcast episodes more frequently than Double Feature, More Than One Lesson (for very understandable reasons), 101 Films You Should Have Seen… Probably, The Televerse or Reel World Theology. Ok, those last 2 haven’t made any in well over a year and should be considered defunct, but that still puts you ahead of them.

    A tragic backstory doesn’t sound very Lovecraftian. Instead his protagonists are much more likely to have tragic lineages:

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