The Cast of Cthulhu: Spring

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    Here’s the link to the I Do Movies Badly episode:

    When I watched this years ago, Resolution was not yet released. I found Resolution to be lacking in… resolution, whereas Spring didn’t work for me at all because I was expecting a horror movie and it completely veers away from it (Lovecraft would have certainly never written something like this, though he did write a parody of a romance in “Sweet Ermengarde”). I am glad I was still willing to watch their third movie, because The Endless not only worked perfectly in its own right but made Resolution more worthwhile.

    A Lovecraftian protagonist might visit a town to research genealogy or something. This guy is a much more “Millenial” character rather aimlessly drifting.

    I often disagree with your reviews, but I 100% agree that the protagonist of this film is not an exceptional person fitting a multi-millenia long story.

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