The Cast of Cthulhu: The Lighthouse

After a long delay caused by the non-zero chance that the boys were marooned by weather in an eldritch beacon, the boys found someone who likes their lobster in Stephen Foxworthy, co-host of the Disenfranchised podcast! 2019 was a banger of a year for films – The Farewell, Parasite, Uncut Gems – and the fact that the claustrophobic, tense, paranoid, nightmare sophomore entry from Robert Eggers is included amongst conversation with those masterpieces is a testament to how firmly of a grasp the writer/director had on how to balance the Lovecraftian inspirations with his own unique story. It’s a little bit of Greek mythology mixed with madness and just a touch of tentacles.

To read more about Eggers’ Lovecraftian inspirations, read the full article referenced in this episode over at IGN.

And listen to Jim discuss National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 over at Disenfranchised.

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