The Gift: Factory Wrapped, by David Bax

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  1. Louis says:

    Spoiler Alert:

    Who the hell is danny mcdonald? If simon had actually been doing all of these things that mcdonald accuses him of during that dinner party that one night, then why didn’t WE the audience ever see him doing any of those things.

    Danny mcdonald is an aborition in this movie. He doesn’t belong here in his current form. At best they should have re-written the storyline and made him and gordo to end up being the SAME person.

    OR …….. Hey wait a minute. Didn’t they say there was a 3rd person in that vehicle with gordo way back in the day (simon, the chiropractor, and that one other person).

    Well ……… Couldn’t that one other person possibly have been the @$$4013 danny mcdonald?

    Think about it. This movie doesn’t conclude itself in any conceivably logical believable manner. Robyne became pregnant. And by the end of the movie we are all scratching our heads and wondering if the father of the child could conceivably be gordo?

    I don’t think this is even possible. Because I don’t believe that gordo could possibly have any testicles. Yes, he’s gay, but since he is gay, how could he possibly have any interest or desire in Robyne? How could he have gotten her pregnant.

    Way too many loopholes in my opinion.

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