The IRA and the Movies, by Alexander Miller

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  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    “Britain” is an island. It contains England, Wales, Cornwall and Scotland. It does not contain Northern Ireland, so the UVF are not British. They are certainly not English! They are northern Irish, politically unionist and generally of Protestant religion.

    • FictionIsntReal says:

      I might not have commented if I had not recently watched Ron Hutchison’s “A Rat in the Skull“. Most of the dialogue belongs to Brian Cox’s D. I. Nelson, an R.U.C Orangemen quite aware that he and the I.R.A man share something his English colleagues in London don’t.

      • Alexander Miller says:

        A Rat in the Skull looks like a pretty interesting watch, I’ll have to check that out, Brian Cox is great by the way!

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