The L.A. Rep-port: 11/4 to 11/10, by Scott Nye

dick-1999The Rep-port is a weekly(ish) series highlighting the best and most compelling repertory screenings in the city.The great critic and author Matt Zoller Seitz will be in town promoting his book The Oliver Stone Experience with two screenings at Cinefamily. One Friday, he’s showing the relatively unknown horror film The Hand (1981, 35mm), with Stone in person for some kind of Q&A situation one imagines. On Saturday, he and actor Jim Beaver present Platoon (1986, 35mm). Beaver wasn’t in the film, but he’s a Vietnam veteran and a funny and insightful dude in his own right.As I hope you know, the election is on Tuesday, and Cinefamily’s looking to blow off some steam with Dick (1999, 35mm), the who-is-this-for teen comedy set amidst the Watergate scandal.On the off-chance the election isn’t hellish enough to live through, the New Beverly is still showing The Deer Hunter (1978, 35mm) through Saturday night. They’re hoping to raise spirits with the tremendous Superman: The Movie (1978, 35mm) on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, but a different crowd might find a different brand of escapism in Wild Girl (1973, 35mm), an ultra-rare Spanish cabaret film. I’m hoping to make it.If you can’t bear to watch Tuesday’s election coverage (or if it all gets wrapped up sooner than expected), the Bev is also showing a double feature of Shampoo (1975, 35mm) and The Candidate (1972, 35mm). But we’ll probably all be drunk by then, right?UCLA kicks off their tribute to the righteous talent that was Joan Blondell on Friday night with a real honey of a triple-feature – Blondie Johnson (1933, 35mm), Blonde Crazy (1931, 35mm), and Big City Blues (1932, 16mm). Where else, I ask you, can you get so much entertainment for a cool $9? Directors Ray Enright, Roy Del Ruth, and Mervyn LeRoy are some of the great unsung talents of their day, and really knew how to pack some rip-roaring, breathless drama into a tight timeframe (the films run between 63 and 78 minutes). Once you’re inevitably hooked on all things Blondell, UCLA’s got you covered on Saturday as well, with Three on a Match (1932, 35mm) and Three Broadway Girls (1932, 16mm).The Aero has a couple of quality programs as well, with L.A. Confidential (1997, 35mm) leading the charge Saturday night and a pair of 3D masterpieces – Coraline (2009, DCP) and Dial M for Murder (1954, DCP) – sure to give your eyeballs a healthy workout. Coraline screens for free, you just need to RSVP.LACMA is winding down their Guillermo Del Toro series with Hellboy (2004, 35mm) on Friday and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008, 35mm) on Saturday. You ask me, Del Toro doesn’t get better than Hellboy II; it’s his loosest, most revelatory, and fully-realized.

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