The Loneliest Mountain, by David Bax

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  1. andyluvsfilms says:

    I’m in no great rush to see this one but as a devout Lostie i’ll watch it for the lovely Evangeline Lilly, she is preciousssss to me #nevergetsdull

  2. Seth H. says:

    I went to see it today and enjoyed it more than not, which is about what I thought of An Unexpected Journey. These are not the Lord of the Rings films by any stretch. They do lack the weight and the clarity of vision. But I’m quite happy to return to the world, and I enjoy the new characters, even Radagast the Bird-Shit Wizard (and honestly I don’t know why that or some of the other bits of gross-out humor from the first film bothers you so much; after all, this is the director of Bad Taste and Dead Alive).

    I do feel like Jackson still has a personal stake in this franchise, even if he’s gone down the rabbit hole a little bit. Better to be messy and self-indulgent than to just phone it in. He still hasn’t ascended to the level of craptitude that George Lucas achieved with his unholy trilogy, despite what the most vitriolic detractors are saying. He’s just back in King Kong mode.

    My one big complaint about this movie is that it isn’t about Evangeline Lilly’s character. I’m not joking. I love her so much. I know Kate really rubbed you the wrong way, but I ascribe all that is wrong with that character to the writers not knowing what to do with her. Lilly is quite a capable actress and I just can’t take my eyes off her. Simply put, Evangeline Lilly is my Maura Tierney.

  3. Ben says:

    Talking animals usually annoy me but I loved how Bilbo couldn’t understand the spiders until he put the ring on. I thought that was an awesome touch.

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