The Machine, by Scott Nye

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  1. caught-22 says:


    After seeing the movie last night, I’m starting to read reviews. I went into this movie knowing the AV Club gave it a C+, which made me really sad because I’m very attached to the Iron Man franchise. Maybe, then, that’s my lens, and I’m more predisposed to like this movie than be as critical of it as I should be. That said, I think seeing Tony struggle with his arrogance &c. would have been the most been there/done that movie I’ve ever seen, and I found the character work far subtler in this. It’s the old tale of a hero building himself up from nothing, but I think with Tony it goes a bit deeper than that. It’s about who he is without the suit. He spent so much of the movie at the breaking point, jumping off buildings and trusting his inventions to save him — and really trusting himself to be just barely good enough to not die. He spent so much of the movie so desperate, I think we saw him in a place we’ve never seen him before. Once again he’s forced to innovate, and reinvent himself as he goes and a lot of that is done with only the most back-up of back-up from the suit part of iron man. In that, I think it’s a pretty nifty character piece.

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