The One Where I Met Your Mother: Season Six, Episode Sixteen: “The One That Could Have Been: Part 2″/”Desperation Day”

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  1. Juhani Kenttä says:

    Not the best episode of Friends but at least that Ross storyline is the most uncomfortable I’ve ever been watching this show so that’s something. Come to think of it, maybe it’s the only time I’ve ever felt bad for him.

    The biggest misstep in my underage drinking was trying some disgusting fruit liquers but mostly I stuck to beer and ciders. When I could buy my own drinks, I briefly got into Vat 69 because of Ron Livingston’s character in Band of Brothers, then White Russians because of Dude Lebowski, screwdrivers because of Ordell Robbie…

    Older callbacks:
    Teenage Dirtbag kicks ass but apparently not many of their other songs do. There was a period when you couldn’t go to a thrift store or see the used CD bin at the record store without seeing that album at least once.

    Funny that Davey said he’d consider a Roadrunner tattoo because I myself have been considering a Wile E. Coyote tattoo. I like his Sisyphean nature.

    Funny that you both remember Pocahotass! I wasn’t aware of that film before but I used to go to pub trivia where one of the questions was always porn-related. I don’t know if ‘proud’ is the word but let’s say I was proud when they asked the name of a Pocahontas porn parody and I deduced that the name had to be Pocahotass.

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