The Trailer Project with Alexander Miller #26: Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria (2018)

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2 Responses

  1. FictionIsntReal says:

    What does it mean to say this film “eschews the male gaze”? It’s still written & directed by men, and while Argento was notorious for sexualizing the murder of women, the remake actually has women in less clothing (part of that is the avant-garde dance sequences, while the original had hardly any dancing at a ballet academy).

    Argento’s Suspiria may prioritize style over substance, but it’s a better movie than the remake. Kajganich’s script is too diffuse to really develop any central story, and for the climax to be about the internal politics of a witches coven which has been relatively opaque throughout the film isn’t narratively satisfying. There’s an attempt to give catharsis with the doctor’s story, but he’s a tangential character and to dredge up his past is even more disconnected. Finally, the colors and score are so much duller than the original, and the comparison was always going to be inevitable.

  2. Alexander Miller says:

    While yes, it is written and directed by men, but it feels as if the filmmakers aren’t sexualizing or objectifying the characters; that’s my interpretation, I’m not the arbitrator of the male gaze theory.
    And the emphasis on dancing is one of the many reasons I like the film so much, whereas the setting in Argento’s film felt incidental and didn’t do much in serving the narrative.

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Argento’s Suspiria, I grew up marveling at the work of Argento and to this day revere his seminal film. With a movie like the 2018 Suspiria I feel like it’s trivial to get hung up on structure, and character development as the film is much more atmospheric and mood oriented.

    And for me, I’d rather have some rough edges, distant characters, hanging threads and unanswered questions if there’s ambition and innovation. I feel like it’s more rewarding to have a movie challenge your sensibilities rather than coddle them; and that the best art is the kind you can engage and interact with.

    And here we are, engaging in a discussion about art! I love it !

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