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The TV Room: Hannibal Season 3, by David Bax

As all fannibals know (“fannibals” is here defined as anyone who loves Hannibal so much that they will willingly self-apply that corny portmanteau of a moniker; I count myself among their number), season three was not intended to be the...


The TV Room: White People, by David Bax

For all the crap the network has put out over the years, MTV has always been on the forefront of social issues. Growing up as I did in a repressed, abstinence-focused, Catholic, Midwestern world, it was shocking and, in retrospect,...


The TV Room: Silicon Valley Season 2, by David Bax

In its first season, HBO’s Silicon Valley was a very funny show but it wasn’t without its problems. In addition to accusations of being Entourage for nerds (more on that comparison later), it had pacing and consistency issues. The show...


The TV Room: Adventure Time Season 6, by David Bax

This season of Adventure Time was the one during which we, the viewers, learned that Pendleton Ward was no longer running the show. But instead of derailing without the creator in charge, the integrity of the world and characters Ward...


The TV Room: Outlander Season 1, by David Bax

Given that a jack of all trades is reported to be a master of none, a little bit of suspicion would be in order when faced with the prospect of Outlander, a period/time-travel/political/adventure/romance (with detours encompassing witchcraft, torture and feudal...


The TV Room: Modern Family Season 6, by David Bax

In the new, post-Sopranos (and now post-Mad Men) world of television, there’s much more awareness on the part of the public of individual seasons of shows. It’s not just about the contracts of the cast and crew anymore. Seasons are...

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