The Winds of War, by Tyler Smith

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4 Responses

  1. Hudsucker says:

    Hey Tyler, I was listening to you’re interview with Jason Nash, and in the middle of a question you were asking, the theme music started and it ended. Can you fix this or will we never know what the end of that interview was?

    • Battleship Pretension says:

      Yeah, there was a problem with the upload, I think. We’ll get the actual episode posted soon. Sorry about that.

  2. Philip says:

    I disagree about the ending. SPOILERS AHEAD

    The last lines between Malcolm and Caesar are very fatalistic. War is inevitable and it was well established throughout the film that when war comes, the humans are doomed to lose. That combined with Malcolm, the surrogate for the human race fading into the shadows seems a very clear indication of what’s to come. While we don’t see the war itself, the movie ends on the same shot of Caesar’s eyes from the beginning of the movie, just before he went on the hunt.

  3. Ryan says:


    I felt like the fake-out “death” of Ceasar was a real cop-out. I think the movie would’ve been far more shocking and realistic if he had died. It also would have been more tonally in concert with the original movies, all of which had very dark endings. Here, the movie tried to eat its cake and have it, too. The apes take over the human city, but Ceasar wasn’t party to it, even though in the end he’s still the leader. It’s a very obvious way to keep his hands clean. I would’ve preferred Ceasar’s son had killed Koba in the end to avenge his father’s death. Serkis could’ve played the son, too, if they wanted him back for the next one.

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