Smooth Criminal, by David Bax

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  1. bob says:

    i saw this out of boredom last night, and it’s ok. This movie tries to be a machismo’d, action-heavy version of The Constant Gardener. But as ripped as Penn is for this, i couldn’t help but notice his short stature and Spicoli-wincing, which i hadn’t seen in him for a long time. I generally forget he’s a little beady-eyed dude when i see his movies (he even has some “generic cop gravitas” in The Interpreter – i believed him as a Secret Service agent there (a movie that similarly features shooting an unseen man through a wall, and African-gov’t malfeasance).

    This movie had some nice touches, such as the claymore “prank”, and the wet-towel-in-a-fire business. I could have done without the bullfighting metaphor, but whatever.

    What gets me most is: Why is Sean Penn doing this movie? He got Producer & Co-writer credit (but it wasn’t guild-vetted, apparently), and he shoe-horned in some of his pet issues. But this is a Joel Silver movie! It’s not “arty” in the least!

    I think it’s because after being married for a decade to Princess Buttercup (humorless scold who will never sell out, if we believe The Congress), he’s got the much more amenable Charlize Theron in his ear.

    Perhaps we’ll start seeing Mr Penn mixing a few “Fury Road”s in between his “Valley of Elah”s. What if he were The Leader in the next Incredible Hulk movie, hmm?

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