Thin Blue Line, by Scott Nye

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  1. Steve C. says:

    This is a powerful performance by Woody Harrelson, his best since “People VS Larry Flynt” (although I haven’t seen “The Messenger” yet). Like the bad cops of Harvey Keitel in “Bad Lieutanant” and Denzel Washington in “Training Day” , Harrelson’s is a man who seems doomed from the get-go and watching a doomed character’s slow plunge into hell will always elicit a sympathetic response from me, although not enough to want to see such corrupt scum from getting away with their crimes. The direction is pretty solid though it does more than once call attention to itself (the loopy acid-house scene) and some of Woody’s legal speechifying seems to be a James Ellroy lecture by proxy. But even then it’s still riveting stuff. It’s a sad story but I hope it finds an audience.

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